With many announced projects never seeing the light of day and others crumbling in the final stages, it’s always welcome news when one of our favorite directors is 100% set to shoot his next project. Following up his period coming of age drama, Something in the Air, Olivier Assayas has assembled the cast for his next project, the meta Sils Maria.

Set to begin production tomorrow, August 22nd, we already know Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloë Moretz are part of the ensemble. Now word had come in that Brady Corbet (Simon Killer, Melancholia), Daniel Brühl (Inglorious Basterds, Rush), Gilles Tschudi, Tom Sturridge (On the Road) and Bruno Ganz (Downfall) have filled in additional roles.

Binoche will play Maria Enders, an actress who who reflects on her life and career while staying in Sils Maria in Switzerland. Reportedly taking place in one room, the character will reflect on ageism, insecurities and doubts brought about by a successful, yet controversial role she played two decades prior.

Stewart is her assistant, while Moretz takes the role of a young actress and Brühl a young, popular director. Ganz plays a character who has been romantically linked with Enders in the past, while Sturridge is a boyfriend of Moretz’s character, but no details on the other roles yet.

Filming will occur in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, concluding on October 4th, for the project that will hopefully be ready by Cannes 2014. IFC Films will distributed the film in North American, likely later next year. [Cineuropa/Close Up Film/KFTV]

What do you think of the ensemble?

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