Forget an autobiography, there may need to be a behind-the-scenes account of the not one, not two, but three competing Lance Armstrong biopic films. As a brief catch-up, we heard back in January that J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot were planning a feature film surrounding the cyclist and they even met with Bradley Cooper to discuss potential involvement. Then, shortly after that, Warner Bros, Atlas Entertainment and director Jay Roach teamed for their own take on the story. To make matters even more competitive, we heard this summer that director Stephen Frears and star Ben Foster may get the jump on both of them with their own take of the story over at Working Title, aiming to shoot this fall.

Now Deadline reports there has been a bit of a switch. Even though Cooper met with Abrams, he’s decided to jump aboard as producer and potential star in the Jay Roach and WB project, but perhaps not in the role you may expect. According to the trade, he’s not only looking at the Armstrong role, but also that of Tyler Hamilton, his teammate cyclist who went on 60 Minutes to discuss allegations. With Cooper tied up in Cameron Crowe‘s next project, a Broadway production of The Elephant Man and perhaps American Sniper if he finds a new director, there’s no telling if WB’s wish to fast track this film will come true. As we get news on the project, stay tuned and see a portion of Hamilton’s aforementioned 60 Minutes segment below.

Which role would you like to see Cooper take?

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