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J.J. Abrams Sitting with Bradley Cooper to Discuss Lance Armstrong Film; ‘Episode VII’ Date Thrown Into Question

Written by on January 27, 2013 

While we do, unfortunately, have to get to the other J.J. Abrams-related project before this article’s conclusion, we’ll first talk something set not so long ago — and in this galaxy, too. About a week before he shattered multiple geekspheres, the writer-producer-director’s Bad Robot purchased rights to Cycle of Lies, an upcoming, decade-long exposé of Lance Armstrong‘s drug- and deceit-filled journey to public disgrace. Scandal, looks at public power, and a lead part that any talented actor could make a real killing with.

So soon after the buying of rights, following a public nudge in Bad Robot’s ribs, and before a director or screenwriter are even found, Bradley Cooper has started talking the part with none other than Abrams himself. The producer confirmed activity to outlet / arbiter of modern cultural idiocy ET, not going anywhere past that point but acknowledging it nonetheless — an action which the tight-lipped creative doesn’t always directly take. This is not to imply a slight breaking of character suggests something on his own part, merely that the openness is interesting in some certain way, perhaps even an exudation of confidence about the pairing.

Being someone who tends to like Cooper‘s work, and in part because he can hold the slightly (pardon me) sociopathic edge required of Lance Armstrong, the pick adds up just fine for me. (It isn’t as enlightening as hearing Daniel Day-Lewis will play the man on the back of the U.S. penny, but that’s an unfair comparison. Forget I made it.) Development, I believe, is about to really kick off.

Secondly, you might have heard that Abrams will direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Okay, okay, this is probably the first time such news has flown your way, so take a second to think about it.


Okay, one quick thing about that: when deals for a new trilogy fell into place around the end of October, seemingly three lifetimes ago, one of the big sticking points was a 2015 release date for the saga’s seventh film. While a comment here or there had pointed toward pre-production already being underway before the business dealings with Disney had been finalized, that’s always felt like a close point for what’s sure to be a big, effects-heavy project. Only signing a director now ought to complicate matters a smidge further.

This is just a comment mentioned at the end of an article, so don’t take it as an altogether solid report. As it were, however, THR disclosed that Episode VII‘s 2015 slot isn’t something Abrams has signed off on; Disney and Lucasfilm might be doing the same. Depending on what’s requested here or there, the film could be pushed back, either to the winter of that year — because it’s absolutely planned to hit in May, considering tradition — or summer of 2016. It’s small when taken as one, but very few things about this project are altogether miniscule.

Any thoughts on Cooper hopping on the bike to play Armstrong? Do you think Episode VII can commit to a release in two years?

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