One of the most varied careers in filmmaking today, Ben Wheatley has jumped around from horror freak-outs like Kill List and In the Earth to black comedies like Sightseers to ambitious adaptations like High Rise to action pics like Free Fire to even the Hitchcock remake Rebecca. The English director is now entering his blockbuster phase with Meg 2: The Trench. Ahead of an August release, the first trailer has now arrived.

Following up the 2018 film, which grossed a staggering half-a-billion-plus worldwide, the sequel features the return of Jason Statham and the addition of Wu King as the plot ups the ante with multiple Megs, underwater action, and, judging from some shots in the trailer, truly inspired popcorn thrills. While Jon Turteltaub’s film felt like it didn’t truly embrace the cheesy fun of the premise, Wheatley looks to leave no expense spared here.

See the trailer below.

Meg 2 opens on August 4.

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