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First Trailer For Joe Wright’s ‘Pan’ With Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara and Garrett Hedlund

While next year’s summer slate is full of superheroes, dinosaurs, Minions, and Terminators, one major tentpole is hoping to successfully reimagine a classic tale. J.M. Barrie‘s Peter Pan will once again get the big-screen treatment, this time in the form of an — you guessed it — origin story. Pan marks the biggest undertaking yet for […]


First Trailer For ‘Jurassic World’ Brings the Park Back to Life

“Jurassic World takes place in a fully functional park on Isla Nublar. It sees more than 20,000 visitors every day. You arrive by ferry from Costa Rica,” director Colin Trevorrow said earlier this year. “It has elements of a biological preserve, a safari, a zoo, and a theme park. There is a luxury resort with […]


Final Trailer For Seth Rogen’s ‘The Interview’ Introduces Kim Jong-Un

If such family fare as Into the Woods and Annie aren’t doing it for you come Christmas, some R-rated fun looks to be had with The Interview, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg‘s follow-up to their debut hit This is the End. Following Rogen and James Franco as TV journalists who get entangled in an assassination plot to kill Kim […]


Patrick Stewart Relives His Past In First Trailer For ‘Match’

While he returned for a glorified cameo in this summer’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, Patrick Stewart‘s recent film roles have been kept to intriguing independent dramas. A few such projects will be arriving next year and after our recent first look at one, today brings the debut trailer of another. Match, which premiered at […]


Vincent Kartheiser and Olivia Thirlby Voyage to Antarctica In First Trailer For ‘Red Knot’

Considering the breadth of films in which exotic locations are often manufactured through green screen and CGI environments, at the very least, one has to appreciate Scott Cohen‘s narrative debut for its dedication to on-location shooting. Working as photographer and artist, his first feature Red Knot was shot during a 23-day expedition mostly off the cost of […]


First Trailer For Thomas Vinterberg’s ‘Far From the Madding Crowd’ With Carey Mulligan and Matthias Schoenaerts

After crafting one the best (and, sadly, perhaps most overlooked) dramas of last year with the Mads Mikkelsen-led The Hunt, Danish director Thomas Vinterberg is returning in 2015 with his follow-up. One of our most-anticipated of the year, it’s an adaptation of the Thomas Hardy classic Far From the Madding Crowd, and today the first […]


First Trailer For ‘Strangerland’ With Nicole Kidman, Joseph Fiennes, and Hugo Weaving

With no release date for Grace of Monaco, no premiere set for Queen of the Desert and Paddington pushed back to 2015, Nicole Kidman‘s once-promising fall has now been reduced to just the release of Before I Go to Sleep, which came and went in a blip. Aside from her Werner Herzog film, perhaps her […]


Trailer For George Lucas Animation ‘Strange Magic’

Before he sold off Lucasfilm for over $4 billion, George Lucas had long since been working on the animation Strange Magic, which is now finally surfacing. Based on an idea from the Star Wars creator, the fairy tale musical, inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream, follows a “colorful cast of goblins, elves, fairies and imps, and […]


The Bellas are Back In First Trailer For ‘Pitch Perfect 2′

Released in the fall of 2012, the acapella comedy Pitch Perfect was one of the surprises of the respective year, an endlessly rewatchable crowd-pleaser that has since exploded on the home video market. Because of its success, Universal has now finished production on the follow-up, one that will be directed by Elizabeth Banks, who served […]

the kingdom of dreams and madness

‘The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness’ Trailer Brings Us Inside Studio Ghibli

Even if reports of their demise were slightly exaggerated, Studio Ghibli’s next steps are hardly a sure thing. If the next few titles do, in fact, turn out to be their last — at least for the foreseeable future — we’ll be able to go out with a comprehensive look at how they made the […]

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