Although he embarked on an original sci-fi film this past summer with disastrous results, one has to give it to Will Smith. Instead of easily falling back to the franchises that built his career, Independence Day and Men in Black, he’s decided to bow out and focus on more intriguing features. He’ll next be seen in Focus, teaming with Margot Robbie (which just got set for a February 27th, 2015) and now he’s lined up another project.

According to The Wrap, he’s in talks to lead Brilliance, an adaptation of Marcus Sakey‘s novel from Jurassic Park writer David Koepp. Coming from director Julius Onah, the film is set in a different reality where people are born with “heightened cognitive abilities,” referred to as “brilliants.” Smith would, of course, be one, working as a federal agent who tracks down terrorists. Part of a planned trilogy, this one could turn into a franchise for Smith, and with word that he could sign on for a May shoot shortly, we’ll have to stand by and see if he commits.

Would you like to see Will Smith take on the project?

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