Sorry, Billy Crystal. You fell in line with exactly what the Academy wanted, giving us a safest of safe Oscar ceremonies. But at the Independent Spirit Awards this past weekend, a certain host went above and beyond, crafting one of the most on-point, hilarious opening monologues of recent memory. That man is Seth Rogen, and although he doesn’t consider himself a “comedian,” he should rethink the claim.

The main reason he was hired was his ability to improv off of anything and the results are on display here. Although he has written notes, the actor has a natural instinct to just keep things funny. And like other great hosts as of late (see Ricky Gervais), he isn’t afraid to poke fun with some insults. Whether it is taking a stab at the “boring” nominees, saying he only made it through the first five minutes of their films, or not shying away from taking down Brett Ratner and Chris Brown, it is a wonderful fifteen-minute bit. Oscars, if you want to make things interesting, here is your 2013 host. Check it out below and the winners here.

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