If one peers into the lavish worlds of Baz Luhrmann, they shouldn’t be surprised at the necessary heavy visual effects work — in fact, it was a partial reason The Great Gatsby was pushed back to summer in the first place. As his Leonardo DiCaprio-led ends its box office run with just over $310 million, we’ve now got an inside look at just how Luhrmann brought 1920’s New York City to vivacious life.

Uploaded by visual effects supervisor Chris Godfrey (who also worked with the director previously, as well The Thin Red Line and The Lord of the Rings), this four-minute reel looks at the work of Animal Logic, the primary vendor out seven used for the film. Featuring nearly 1,500 visual effect shots in total, it’s remarkable to see the differences between the sets and the finished product. The video unfortunately can’t be embedded, so click the photo below to check it out.

Did you enjoy The Great Gatsby? Which visual effects were you most impressed with?

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