With Two Days, One Night now available on Criterion Blu-ray and Netflix Watch Instantly, the Dardennes‘ latest, possibly greatest film is completely open for discussion. Whether you saw it months and months ago or are just about to dig in for yourself, the duo’s admirers will no doubt enjoy a pair of videos concerning their process and unique formal strategies.

The first is an excerpt from Marion Cotillard‘s interview on the Criterion disc, in this excerpt detailing her preparation for the emotionally demanding performance and, briefly, how the Dardennes like to establish an actor-camera relationship before beginning production. Along with containing tidbits that will surprise even those who’ve seen Two Days, One Night multiple times (how many English-speaking viewers noticed that Cotillard changed her accent?), it dovetails nicely into a video that explores the philosophy of their shot compositions and visual patterns. (The description calls this “an area of their acumen seldom discussed when praising their work,” so I suppose our written and podcast reviews swim against the current.) Together, they help define what makes the picture something of a masterpiece.

Watch both below:

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