Visually Staggering Trailer For 70mm Feature ‘Samsara,’ From ‘Koyaanisqatsi’ Cinematographer

Written by on April 24, 2012 

After viewing the trailer, it’s easy to correlate the beginnings of director Ron Fricke. The man was the cinematographer Godfrey Reggio‘s stunning documentary Koyaanisqatsi and now his latest film, following up Baraka in 1992, looks to be another beautiful work of art. Filmed completely in the phenomenal 70mm film format, Samsara attempts to tap into the language of life itself and while a lofty goal, one can not deny the stirring images on display. Fricke spent the last half-decade making the film which was shot in over 100 locations. Forgot 3D, here’s hoping this one gets the projection it deserves. Check out the trailer below via Apple.


Prepare yourself for an unparalleled sensory experience. SAMSARA reunites filmmakers Ron Fricke and Mark Magidson, whose award-winning films BARAKA and CHRONOS brought a new visual and musical artistry to theaters. Dispensing with dialogue and descriptive text, SAMSARA explores the wonders of our world, from the mundane to the miraculous, looking into the unfathomable reaches of man’s spirituality and the human experience, and illuminating the links between humanity and the rest of nature.

Samsara hits theaters on August 24th, 2012.

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