First Trailer For Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’ Starring Bradley Cooper

Written by on October 2, 2014 


Once set to be a Steven Spielberg-helmed project, once Clint Eastwood got his hands on American Sniper, it meant we’ll be seeing it much sooner. Shooting and editing in his usual rapid pace, following this summer’s Jersey Boys, the Bradley Cooper-led war drama will be sneaking into the theaters by the end of the year and today we have the first trailer.

The film follows Cooper as Chris Kyle, a Navy SEAL who performed more sniper assassinations than any American before a tragedy occurred. “I had to do right by him and his family, there was really no choice,” Cooper tells USA Today when it came to honoring the man. “You’re sitting across the dining-room table talking to this person’s father and mother. And his children and wife are there. And he’s passed away. Knowing that they are putting all of their stories in your hands and the responsibly of that, it’s actually unique.”

Set for a Christmas Day limited release and a wide expansion on January 16th, check out the first trailer below for the film also starring Sienna Miller, Jake McDorman, Kyle Gallner, Luke Grimes, and more.


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