Born Herbert Butros Khaury in 1932, the Manhattanite who grew up as an outcast would better become known as Tiny Tim. A unique artist whose influence would be felt decades later, he’s now the subject of a documentary directed by Johan von Sydow. Featuring the performer’s diaries and letters as read by Weird Al Yankovic, along with archival footage from D.A. Pennebaker, Jonas Mekas, and Andy Warhol, the documentary will arrive this April following a festival run last year.

Christopher Schobert said in his Fantasia review, “King for a Day would have perhaps benefitted from more time with Tiny’s daughter (with his first wife); while she explains she spent little time with her father, her existence alone is noteworthy. It’s also rather surprising that the film drops the sexuality angle quickly after spending time on it earlier, but these are minor quibbles. Tiny Tim: King for a Day succeeds because, like its subject, it acknowledges the strangeness at hand while not succumbing to it. The film is positively bursting with kindness. And that’s the approach Tiny Tim deserved.”

Watch the trailer below.

Tiny Tim: King for a Day opens in theaters on April 23.

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