On the night of her graduation, a young woman comes face to face with some very grim circumstances. That’s the central plot of the new drama The Giant, directed by David Raboy in his debut as director and writer. The girl in question is Charlotte (Shirley star Odessa Young), whose former boyfriend returns to her small town. After being presumed dead, his return brings about a lot of questions for Charlotte, intensified by the fact that local girls begin to go missing.

The trailer for the film, which has just arrived ahead of a release next month, features some really striking close-ups, intensifying the horror that it is hinting at throughout. Co-starring PJ Marshall, Ben Schnetzer, Jack Kilmer, Madelyn Cline, and Danny Ramirez, the film played at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival and will be released on VOD on November 13.

Jared Mobarak said in our review, “Places, objects, sounds, and smells each retain shimmers of memory we long to hold and struggle to forget. This is what’s happened to Charlotte’s (Odessa Young) childhood home—the place where her mother took her own life. Whether she hasn’t thought of it in a long time or it’s all she ever thinks about, this moment right now sees it taking control of her senses and refusing to let go. The lights in these nightmares extend out in a hazy blur, everything so much bigger and mesmerizingly essential due to the weight of the pain wrought within. This building is the death of her mother, but the town where she still resides is the death of her youth. As graduation and escape looms, everything good suddenly begins to decay.”

See the trailer below via The Playlist, along with the poster.

The Giant opens on November 13.

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