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[Review] Salt

Not even Phillip Noyce can create a good film out of a Kurt Wimmer script. With Law Abiding Citizen being one of the most inane cinematic offerings last yea...
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[Dan’s Review] Law Abiding Filmgoer: A Reaction

It's a good thing one man revenge stories are in these days (see amnesiac hitmans and Jigsaws for reference), because this schlocky, overwrought, sloppy, patronizing, unintelligent, non-factual, blood-soaked, wrong-sided bastardization of a film will (and already has) made a killing at the box office (pun only halfway intended)....
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The Rules of The Remake

Following up our recent list of the best/worst remakes, here's an in depth look into the art of the remake and the rules by which to make them. There is a tra...