Update: Deadline reports that The Rite and 1408 director Mikael Hafstrom is set to direct and while Sylvester Stallone is set and while Arnold Schwarzenegger is circling, he is not yet confirmed. Check out the original story below.

Well, this is wonderful news. Wait, that’s wrong. Either way, the two action stars appear to like working with each other. Or getting paid to star in action movies. Or both. That makes a film with a combined co-star age of 247.

Not too long ago, Schwarzenegger turned down the lead role in The Tomb (only after Bruce Willis dropped out of the project) in favor of The Last Stand. Sylvester Stallone ended up taking the role of Ray Breslin in The Tomb, a film about a super-duper security guard who designs duper-duper security systems and then – wait for it – gets trapped in one of his own security designs! Apparently, Schwarzenegger is in talks to jump back on the project to play another role [AICN].

Now, Stallone, Willis and Schwarzenegger are all starring in The Expendables 2 (get excited), so let’s hope Willis takes on a small cameo in The Tomb so they can all hang out together again.

What do you think Schwarzenegger and Stallone and their glorious return to action?

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