We received some crucial casting news regarding Arie Posin‘s The Look of Love back in the dog days of February, when Annette Bening jumped in to replace Diane Keaton in the role of “Niki, a widow who falls for a new man who looks identical to her deceased husband.” In the same report, we also learned that Robin Williams, who’s fallen off the beaten path a bit since his committed turn in the much-discussed World’s Greatest Dad, hopped on board as well. Meanwhile, Ed Harris, who plays the “dead ringer for [Bening’s] deceased husband,” has been on board from the beginning.

This latest piece of casting information concerns names that aren’t quite as high-profile as the aforementioned stars, but it’s worth noting nevertheless. The additions include Amy Brenneman (the Robert De Niro love interest from Michael Mann‘s Heat) and Jess Weixler, who’ll play Bening‘s daughter in the film. Shooting is scheduled to begin in Los Angeles within the next week. [Deadline]

Posin, whose debut feature, The Chumscrubber, received very mixed reviews, co-wrote the Look of Love screenplay with Matthew McDuffie, who has worked on a series of television movies after penning the adapted script for 1998’s A Cool, Dry Place.

The eclectic nature of this team of contributors has me intrigued to see if the film will be able to expand on its somewhat derivative rom-com premise. At the very least, we know that there will be a top-notch cast guiding the story along.

Have you seen Posin’s debut film? Is he a good match for this material and cast?

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