There’s been no shortage of climate change documentaries, especially in the last few years, but only one features Leonardo DiCaprio and a score from Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Gustavo Santaolalla, and Mogwai. Before the Flood, which has been in a limited theatrical release the past week and aired on National Geographic last night, is now available to stream in full on YouTube. Tracking the Oscar winner’s three-year journey as he talks to experts in various fields about how we can help heal the world, it’s a recommended watch.

We said in our review, “In so many ways, Before The Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens, is like any climate change documentary released in recent years, save one facet: Leonardo DiCaprio. Sure, Leo’s been a climate activist for most of his adult life — even producing and narrating the under-seen climate doc The 11th Hour in 2007 — but here he is, front and center, from beginning to end. His general likability and genuine passion for the subject alone makes the piece worth watching.”

Check out the full film below as well as the full score.

Before the Flood, directed by Fisher Stevens, captures a three-year personal journey alongside Academy Award-winning actor and U.N. Messenger of Peace Leonardo DiCaprio as he interviews individuals from every facet of society in both developing and developed nations who provide unique, impassioned and pragmatic views on what must be done today and in the future to prevent catastrophic disruption of life on our planet.

Before the Flood is also in select theaters and airing on National Geographic.

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