It seems like Stephen King publishes books more often than the average person changes a Brita filter, and the big screen adaptations are coming just as fast.

Along with an upcoming Carrie remake (which just a nabbed a director in Stop Loss  helmer,  Kimberly Peirce), it also was reported that writer/director Mark Pavia plans to collaborate with the Master of Horror on a Creepshow-like feature film based on four of the author’s short stories.

This is the second King work Pavia has brought to the big screen, the first being the 1997 vampire tale, Night Flier. Though there’s no word yet on which stories will be showcased, Pavia said that two of the stories will be chosen by him, while the other two will be chosen by King.

But how does one choose from such an insanely large literary canon? On the story criteria, Pavia said that the project will “be a true representation” of King’s varied writing career, which will include everything from “his pulpiest to his most introverted and introspective character pieces.” [Icons of Fright via The Playlisti] That doesn’t exactly narrow the list down, but at least the explanation will keep horror fans guessing until the big reveal. Empire has some more details that hint at what it could be, but nothing confirmed yet.

Which of King’s stories should be chosen?

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