Blow Out

This summer, we’ve invited you to join along as we analyze every single film from Brian De Palma in conjunction with various retrospectives and the documentary De Palma. However, if you are looking for a brief wrap-up of the trademark techniques that has made him one of the greatest directors, look no further than Romain Desbiens‘ excellent 6-minute video.

Featuring his opening titles, chase sequences, point-of-view perspective, bodies in motion, split-screen, split diopter, psychological distress, and more, it’s a beautifully edited piece that will have you wanting to rewatch just about all of them. Check out the video below, along with a video from TIFF on his films, clips from De Palma, as well as interviews for Bonfire of the Vanities and Scarface.

Continue reading our career-spanning retrospective, The Summer of De Palma, below.


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