One of the most viscerally affecting films coming out of Sundance Film Festival this year was Christian Tafdrup’s Speak No Evil. Following a family who accepts an invitation to the rural home of another they met on holiday, they soon find their lives altered in an unexpected, deeply horrifying way. With a streak of dark humor and insightful commentary on humanity’s eagerness to accept one another, Tafdrup has crafted quite a singularly haunting experience. Ahead of a theatrical and Shudder release next month, the first trailer has now arrived.

Christopher Schobert said in his review, “Speak No Evil is terrifying, shocking, and deeply, deeply unsettling. There’s no getting around the upset factor. Audiences who catch this Sundance entry from Denmark should be warned: this one’s gonna hurt. The latest from Christian Tafdrup has the brutal shock value of George Sluizer’s The Vanishing and gut-punching, visceral impact of Haneke’s Funny GamesSpeak No Evil does not reach the level of ingenuity and freshness found in those similarly potent antecedents. But what it lacks in originality is compensated in chilling execution.”

Watch the trailer below.

Speak No Evil opens in theaters on September 9 and arrives on Shudder on September 15.

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