Despite his bravado stature Russell Crowe has had a ho-hum last few years. I’ve enjoyed him in State of Play and 3:10 To Yuma, but I’d argue his last great performance was Master and Commander in 2005.  He now has a passion project to bring back the ’80’s TV show The Equalizer in a big-screen update. He would take over Edward Woodward‘s character Robert McCall.

LA Times reports that after being at the Weinstein Co. for years the project is now in the hands of Hunt For Red October producer Mace Neufeld and the company Escape Artists, who worked on The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 update and Knowing. No shooting script has been developed an no studio has been attached but it has been “making the rounds to a number of Hollywood studios for several weeks, some of which have shown interest.” Check out the synopsis below:

Robert McCall, one of the best covert operatives in the business became disenchanted with his work in a CIA-like organization known only as “the Company.” Seeking redemption for some of his darker exploits, McCall resigned, and offered his services through newspaper ads to people in trouble, who were beyond the help of official channels, like the police. McCall used his skills in espionage and frequently enlisted the help of former colleagues still in the Company to get the job done. He also continued to maintain contact with his friend and former boss, a man known only as Control.

Would this be a good project for Crowe? Have you see the original?

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