After premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, Lou Howe’s Gabriel has stayed under the radar, continuing to play at a handful of smaller festivals over the past year. Now, with a release set for next month, Oscilloscope Laboratories has released a trailer. The story of a teenage boy who is struggling to keep it all together, the story looks like something we have seen many times before, but might offer a strong central performance. Rory Culkin (Signs, Electrick Children) takes the lead as a character convinced that by rekindling with his ex-girlfriend, Alice will put an end to all of his problems.

As mentioned in our review, “As a portrait of a character on the edge, Gabriel is, shall we say, a heck of a lot less interesting than Wendy & Lucy, featuring Michelle Williams as a young women on the edge of economic collapse, abandoned and on the run. Gabriel is a well-off trust fund kid under the rightful control of his loved ones. He’s not living on the edge in the “real world.” His rebellion is being “managed” even when he becomes too much for those that care about him, including the aforementioned Alice. Breaking into her father’s resort estate, his rational for their relationship is as simple as a child’s.” Check out the trailer below, along with a first clip, for the film also starring Emily Meade, Lynn Cohen, and David Call.

Rory Culkin stars in GABRIEL, a heartfelt portrait of a vulnerable teen at his psychological breaking point, struggling to keep it together in the wake of his father’s suicide. Convinced that reuniting with an ex-girlfriend holds the answers to his troubles, Gabriel risks everything in a desperate pursuit that will take him to uncharted and unexpected places and test the limits of those closest to him. Infused with authenticity and courage, GABRIEL establishes first-time writer-director Howe as a new filmmaking voice to be reckoned with.


Gabriel will be released on June 19th in New York and LA by Oscilloscope Laboratories.

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