Those who feared that Hasbro’s bendy action figure Stretch Armstrong would never be immortalized on film, rejoice! Universal may have cancelled plans to turn the iconic ‘70s toy into a movie starring Twilight’s Taylor Lautner, but, thanks to Relativity Media, the project is back on again. [Deadline]

Stretch Armstong was originally part of a multi-picture deal with Universal that involved big screen imaginings of the company’s many popular toys and board games, and while the upcoming Peter Berg-directed Battleship made the cut, progress on Ouija, Clue, Monopoly and Magic, The Gathering slowed with the studio; Stretch, which has been in talks since early 2010, was just outright dropped.

After two years of being in limbo, however, Relativity finally picked up the rights to develop and produce the live-action tentpole (minus a star) with Tucker Tooley (Immortals) serving as executive producer. The film has been slated for a release on April 11th, 2014.

Do you think Hasbro is wearing out its welcome in the film world? Do people actually want a Stretch Armstrong movie?

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