A selection at Venice Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival, Emanuele Crialese’s 1970s-set drama L’immensità follows Clara (Penélope Cruz) and her emotionally distant husband Felice (Vincenzo Amato) as they relocate to Rome to raise a family. Their eldest child, Andrew, isn’t fully able to discuss his transgender identity in a traditional society, and the film captures a coming-of-age tale as he blossoms under the guidance of his mother. Ahead of a release this May from Music Box Films, the new U.S. trailer has arrived.

Jose Solis said in his review, “In films like Volver, Parallel Mothers, Everybody Knows, and now L’immensità, Penélope Cruz has cornered the market on playing mother figures that are both larger than life and movingly earthy. As Clara, the loving Spaniard expatriate trying to raise her children while staying married to an unfaithful man in 1970s Rome, Cruz does some of the best work of her already incredible, multilingual career. To say director Emanuele Crialese’s camera falls in love with Cruz would be an understatement. She is lovingly shot and framed (even her Sophia Loren bob brings attention to her expressive eyes) and we don’t even need to hear her speak to know whoever’s gaze she’s under has completely fallen under her spell.”

See the trailer below.

L’immensità opens on May 12.

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