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Watch: Hollywood Studio Heads Discuss the State of the Industry In One-Hour Roundtable

Written by on November 14, 2014 


Writers may put their ideas to the page, directors and their crew may execute the script to their vision, and actors help bring everything to life, but the road truly begins with those that choose where the money goes. In a marketplace increasingly dominated by tentpoles, it’s the major studio heads that decide what the majority of audiences will be seeing, and today we have an extensive conversation between them.

While Sony sat out, Fox’s Jim Gianopulos, Paramount’s Brad Grey, Disney Studios’ Alan Horn, Universal’s Donna Langley, Warner Bros.’ Kevin Tsujihara, and for a different angle, IFC Films’ Jonathan Sehring all gathered for a one-hour talk. Among the topics discussed are running times, DC vs. Marvel’s unveiling of their superhero slate (and potential overload), release windows, Interstellar, piracy, international markets, the amount of films being released, “at least three more” Fast & Furious films being released, and much more.

Some of it’s a bit too inside baseball with particular hirings and company structure, but for the most part the discussion is equal parts intriguing and awkward, in terms of them all (perhaps except for Sehring) being in direct competition with each other. For a glimpse at the current state of the industry and where it’s possibly headed, check out the talk below.

What do think about today’s current Hollywood marketplace?

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