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Watch David Ehrlich’s 25 Best Films of 2015 Video Countdown

Written by on December 7, 2015 


As the year winds to a close, we’ll soon be providing our favorites of 2015 in a variety of categories, but to kick things off we have an excellent video countdown. There’s a number of supercuts that simply smash together a list of every wide release, but there’s truly only one that we greatly anticipate each year: our friend David Ehrlich‘s 25 best films.

This year’s video has landed and it’s another moving, impeccably edited, and wildly entertaining celebration of the best cinema had to offer in 2015. Including some of the year’s major studio films, a handful that have yet to be released, and a selection that are currently available to stream, there’s something to discover for everyone. We won’t spoil any of the selections here — although, if you follow his writing, you can guess at least one. Check it out below. More than a few music cues that will bring a smile to your face.

How many favorites of 2015 do you share?

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