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‘Undercover Brother’ Director Malcolm Lee Taking Over ‘Scary Movie’ Franchise

Written by on April 25, 2012 

The comedic artform of spoofs have been taking a drubbing over the past decade and change, thanks mostly to the work of Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, who through their body of work (Disaster Movie, Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans, etc.) have turned what was once a clever style into one where the punchlines are nothing more than cultural references. But despite their reign of terror, there has been one spoof franchise that has managed to maintain at least a semblance of quality: Scary Movie. Four installments in and they continue to be the best spoofs made in Hollywood, a distinction that is probably not all that great considering what they’re up against but it’s still worth mentioning. But as a spoof addict/masochist like myself, a new Scary Movie is like a sigh of relief.

And now the long-delayed fifth installment is gearing to start production and has found a new director; EW reports that Malcolm D. Lee, the director of movies like Roll Bounce and Undercover Brother (itself a spoof, although a much more involved one), has taken the reigns of Scary Movie 5, replacing David Zucker who has helmed the last two. If one remembers, Zucker replaced Keenan Ivory Wayans, who started the franchise back in 2000 and directed its sequel in 2001. Although he’s out of the director’s seat, Zucker will stay on board to help co-write the script with Lee as well as produce. Production is slated to begin this summer, and although it has not been confirmed, one would assume series stars Anna Faris and Regina Hall will return to star or at least make some sort of appearance.

I can feel your utter indifference to the news of Scary Movie 5 and I completely and wholeheartedly understand, but I’m personally excited for the series to return. I enjoy all four installments of Scary Movie and although the comedy style has shifted a little bit due to director changes and comedy trends, it still manages to deliver some clever lines/moments. I’m also curious to see what Lee will bring to the table as a director/co-writer; maybe it’ll help the franchise regain the steam it lost over the past few years. In a world where the threat of another Friedberg/Seltzer collaboration looms on the horizon, Scary Movie 5 is a welcome development.

Do you want to see Scary Movie 5 or should the franchise just die out? Also, am I being too hard on Friedberg/Seltzer?

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