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‘Tower Heist’ News: Premium VOD Plan Scrapped, New Poster and Nas Debuts Theme Song

Written by on October 12, 2011 

One week ago, Universal angered movie theaters everywhere by announcing it was going to test run a new VOD strategy with its upcoming blockbuster comedy Tower Heist. Planning on shortening the theatrical window to three weeks and giving people the option of renting the movie at their home for a “mere” 60 dollars, it seemed like a somewhat ballsy movie on the studio’s part. And then the theaters started rioting; indie theaters and smaller chains like National Amusements cried foul at Universal essentially spitting in their face. Now seven days later, Universal has decided not to go ahead with the test run, which was only going to be available on Comcast to 500,000 subscribers in Atlanta and Portland. [The Wrap]

I can’t say that I’m surprised; theaters are going completely ballistic over studios slowly trying to shorten the theatrical window and the new idea to only make it three weeks was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was an interesting idea, but for now, it has been squashed. I completely expect another studio to try again though; video on demand is the wave of the future, at least for mainstream movie watching.

But the news isn’t all controversial for Tower Heist. Along with that announcement, two other items were released pertaining to the movie: first, Coming Soon unveiled bus shelter art/poster that will promote the movie on public transit systems. Here’s a peek at the art below, to prepare you for the inevitable shock of having to stare at a giant Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy on your morning commute every day for the next couple of months:

The other announcement has to do with the soundtrack; In Flex We Trust, the site of popular DJ Funkmaster Flex, unveiled the official song of Tower Heist done by hip hop icon Nas and the not so iconic Rick Ross. The title of the track? “It’s a Tower Heist”. How clever. You can listen to the track here or stream below. And read our exclusive test screening impression, cause someone did end up liking it. That’s all the Tower Heist news I’ve got for you, you can breathe a sigh of relief now.

Tower Heist opens everywhere November 4, 2011.

Do you think Universal should have stood strong and stuck with the VOD strategy, despite its steep price? Does the idea of staring at that bus shelter every day strike fear into anyone’s heart like it does mine? And what do you think of “It’s a Tower Heist”, will it be possibly the one decent thing to come out of this movie?

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