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Jon Landau Confirms Just How Many Back-to-Back ‘Avatar’ Sequels James Cameron Will Make

Written by on September 3, 2012 

While we won’t be returning to Pandora until 2015 at the earliest, we’ve finally got some direct confirmation on how many exact trips are in store for now. We got word earlier this summer that Avatar star Sigourney Weaver was planning to return for not one, not two, but three back-t0-backs sequels to James Cameron‘s multi-billion dollar franchise. While we believed it was too ambitious for even someone like Cameron, the director himself recently reiterated the possibility.

Now a voice of reason has chimed in, as producer Jon Landau spoke with the Courier Post on what to expect. The Titanic and Avatar producer said Weaver got ahead of herself and that they are “only doing two back-to-back, but not a third.” This sounds much more reasonable, taking the path such as other franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and The Matrix (but hopefully resulting in more success).

With Cameron confirming this series is likely to occupy much of the rest of his career, Avatar diehards can rest easy knowing that he’s certain to extend beyond a trilogy, but just not now. Let’s just hope 20th Century Fox doesn’t go the route of Warner Bros., Summit and Lionsgate and just split one of these films into two — but I doubt they could pull such a stunt on Cameron. In the meantime, one  can find the filmmaker in his new location of Lake Pounui, New Zealand, where he bought 2,5000 acres for $16 million as he finishes writing the continuation of Hollywood’s biggest film of all-time.

Are you looking forward to just two Avatar sequels for now?

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