Not too long ago, it was looking like Rooney Mara would be starring in a pair of ambitious musicals; one from Leos Carax and another from Brady Corbet. However, she’s dropped out of both and now a replacement for the latter project, titled Vox Lux, has been found. Corbet’s follow-up to The Childhood of a Leader will now star Natalie Porman, Variety reports.


The Jackie and Black Swan star will play Celeste, “a young woman who survives a traumatic shooting and goes on to become an international pop sensation. The 15-year odyssey, set between 1999 and present day, tracks the cultural evolutions of the 21st century via her unique gaze.”

Also among the cast and crew is Jude Law, who plays Celeste’s manager and Stacy Martin (Nymphomaniac) is in an undisclosed role; cinematographer Lol Crawley (45 Years) will reteam with Corbet to shoot in 65mm. Along with Mica Levi’s score, Sia will compose the original soundtrack. With shooting kicking off next week in New York City, stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, you can hear Portman let slip she’s attached to the film last fall around the 16-minute mark.

She’ll next be seen in Annihilation and one can see a new featurette for Alex Garland’s film below.

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