In a recent interview, actress Laura Elena Harring revealed that David Lynch had spoken to her about the possibility of a sequel to the 2001 classic, Mulholland Dr. This would be Lynch‘s first sequel (other than in the alternate universe where Dune was a huge hit).

The idea of a sequel to Mulholland Dr. is quite honestly pretty baffling. The film, despite all its multiple interpretations, layers and meanings is still a close-ended film. It’s entirely possible that this is just a “thematic” sequel in the way that Kieslowski‘s Three Colors trilogy are a set of sequels. It should also be considered that Mulholland Dr. was originally was a rejected television pilot that was reconstructed into a film; so it’s possible that Lynch had many ideas for a series that he couldn’t express in the 2 1/2 runtime of the first that he could now do in a sequel.

Possibly the most interesting thing to consider here though is if this will be filmed in digital. Lynch, like Michael Mann, has made it clear that this is his new preferred format. While Inland Empire was an effective film, I don’t want to see a film set within the Mulholland Dr.universe that is robbed of the beautiful cinematography and Angelo Badalamenti music.

Is a Mulholland Dr. sequel the craziest idea ever or what?

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