Following its world premiere at TIFF last year, the first trailer for the unique experimental film Mouthpiece has arrived for Mouthpiece, coming from director Patricia Rozema (Into the Forest, Mansfield Park). The film delves into the conflict surrounding a young woman named Cassandra (Amy Nostbakken) and her personified inner conflict, which is embodied by another woman also named Cassandra (Norah Sadava). She struggles with heartache and contemplation after the death of her mother (Maev Beaty), who gave up her career to have children, a facet that dispels Cassandra’s worldview as a headstrong single writer playing by her own rules.

Jared Mobarak wrote in his TIFF review, “Rozema does a great job adapting things to the needs of a cinematic medium. She keeps them close, but not always together. While they ride her bike on two seats (one with helmet, the other without), they can also find themselves watching the other make a fool of herself or speak a necessary truth—as much an attentive audience member as ourselves. They’re yin and yang or angel and demon, in constant flux as to which is which depending on the scenario appealing to her sensibilities if not both in psychological agreement to feel the same. The format allows for as many belly laughs as heart-wrenching truths because we’re watching Cassandra’s inner monologue in all its endearingly embarrassing awkwardness.”

See the trailer and poster below.

Cassandra, who is portrayed by the two women, expresses the opposing voices that exist inside the modern woman’s head, during a 48-hour period as she tries to organize the affairs for her mother’s funeral.

Mouthpiece will be released on May 31.

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