Both the subject of their own films (Mistaken for Strangers and A Skin, A Night) as well as peppering the soundtracks of other movies (Win Win, Warrior, Warm Bodies), The National are no strangers to the world of cinema. They’ve now formed a tighter bond with the announcement of their new album, I Am Easy to Find, and a new short film, both out May 17.

The 24-minute short film, a teaser of which was unveiled today, is directed by Mike Mills (2oth Century Women, Beginners) and stars Alicia Vikander. Described as “a life in 164 moments,” the black-and-white film will arrive on the same day as the album while the Ex Machina star also graces the cover of their 16-track new album. As to the relationship between the album and short, they say, “The former is not the video for the latter; the latter is not the soundtrack to the former.”

See the trailer below as well as the first single, cover art, and tracklist. Find worldwide tour info here.

1. You Had Your Soul With You

2. Quiet Light

3. Roman Holiday

4. Oblivions

5. The Pull Of You

6. Hey Rosey

7. I Am Easy To Find

8. Her Father In The Pool

9. Where Is Her Head

10. Not In Kansas

11. So Far So Fast

12. Dust Swirls In Strange Light

13. Hairpin Turns

14. Rylan

15. Underwater

16. Light Years

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