Lefties, beware. Looks like Rupert Murdoch might be finding a new forum to shine: the big screen. News has come in that the media mogul behind the television giant Fox New Channel will be the subject of an upcoming biopic project. Australian film funding agency Screen Australia has decided to invest money in the development of a script chronically the life and times of Murdoch, one of the biggest names in media today:

Called The News of the World, the biopic aims to tell the story of Murdoch’s rise (and fall from grace?) and frame it using the story of that newspaper – starting when he bought the paper in the 1960s.

Though he’s not every poli-sci major’s favorite name in the news, Murdoch’s rise to dominance is a fascinating one and based on the strength and experience of the writing staff alone, it looks like the project could excel if done right. However, given co-writer Bob Ellis‘ famous lefty tendencies (Outside of his work in film, tv, and theater, he’s a hugely outspoken supporter of the Australian Labor Party, a social-democratic party which currently is the governing party of Australia), it’ll be interesting to see whether the film is able to be truly “fair and balanced” or if it will fall towards a more clearly leftist ideal. Ellis will co-write with Stephen Ramsay. [Mumbrella via Twitch]

Would you see a film on Murdoch?

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