In an era of marketing where most studios just drop a full-length trailer on YouTube and in theaters, hoping viewers will be impressed enough to buy tickets even though they’ve often already unveiled the best parts, the distributors that go a different path have our attention. Such is the case for Oz Perkins’ forthcoming mystery horror feature Longlegs, for which NEON has dropped a handful of teasers and posters leading up to now a full trailer, which thankfully still keeps the mysterious.

Ahead of a July 12 release, they’ve now unveiled a 2.5-minute teaser, showing Maika Monroe on the hunt for Nicolas Cage. As Cage himself said, “I play, I almost call him like a possessed Geppetto… he makes these dolls, and the dolls infiltrate families and get the families to do terrible things. It’s a horror film. And [Perkins] was, I think telling a story, in some ways, about his mother, and I played Longlegs as a very androgynous character, and I’m channeling my mom.”

See the trailer below.

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