“When I started on Mad Max: Fury Road, a week before I got to work, George [Miller] had said to the studio that he didn’t want any score in the movie,” composer Junkie XL told us recently. “He wanted no music at all in fact. He just wanted the sounds: the sounds of the vehicles, and sounds of nature. He thought that would be great to have in the movie. Now, 18 months later, we’re talking about a wall-to-wall score. See what I mean? So the idea of what the movie needs, or wants, can change depending on what the director wants.”

Thankfully, Miller adjusted his vision as today the full pulse-pounding, 71-minute score for the Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron-led film has arrived thanks to a Spotify stream. So, whether you want to save it for this weekend after viewing or want a little preview, it’s now available. Along with the full soundtrack, we also have a batch of extensive interviews with George Miller, including one moderated by Robert Rodriguez at Alamo Drafthouse. Check out everything below and see our recap of the Mad Max franchise thus far here.


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