Earlier this summer arrived the exciting possibility of Wes Anderson bringing in someone outside his usual wheelhouse for his next feature, The Grand Budapest Hotel. While his full cast has yet to be announced, it looks like a major talent will not be joining though, as Anderson himself confirmed that Johnny Depp will not take part in his European adventure. Speaking with the Huffington Post, check out his quote below.

You know, the Internet has a way of announcing things on its own [laughs]. You will find that even though I’m very aware of the cast that has been announced on its own devices, you’ll never find me saying who’s in the movie. Or, as far as I know, anybody else. I really don’t know where it all comes from. In fact, Johnny is somebody who I would love to work with at some point, but he’s not going to be in this movie. But I actually have not put the cast out — I have not announced the cast. We have quite a great cast.

Although Depp is not on board, Anderson did confirm that part of the “great cast” will include his frequent collaborator Bill Murray. Aside from that, we know that Jude Law and Angela Lansbury are also part of the ensemble, but in very minor roles. With Depp supposedly securing a lead role, we’ll have to wait and see who takes his place — I just hope he didn’t decide to do Pirates of the Caribbean 5 instead of this one. With shooting kicking off in Germany this December, it won’t be long until we find out who else Anderson has rounded up.

Are you disappointed Depp will not take part in Budapest?

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