Notwithstanding the time added by a pandemic, five years is a while to wait for new work by Mike Mills, whose 20th Century Women only looks better and better the half-decade since it came out. Thus why we’re in the tank for C’mon C’mon, his Joaquin Phoenix-starring project about a man who takes his nephew across the country while “coming to terms with personal trauma and historical legacies.”

A24 is expected to release the film this November, pandemic permitting; accordingly, we have a first trailer and set of posters following its Telluride premiere and ahead of a stop at NYFF. If only for letting the great Robbie Ryan shoot black-and-white photography, C’mon C’mon promises a better blend than almost any American movie this fall, though the melancholic and reflective tone herein—while also a tool of marketing—is as Mills-esque as hoped.

Find preview and posters below:

C’mon C’mon arrives in November.

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