Legend has it Renate Reinsve’s still running with a joyful expression, but Joachim Trier is soon bringing her back into the fold: with regular co-writer Eskil Vogt he’s penned Sentimental Value, their follow-up to your ex-girlfriend’s favorite movie The Worst Person in the World, and which starts shooting next August with MK2 aboard. [Variety]

Described by Agat Films’ Juliette Schrameck and MK’s Nathanaël Karmitz as a story of “family, memory and how we need to rewrite the stories we tell about ourselves in order to survive,” it concerns Nora (Reinsve), an actor, and her sister Agnes as they grieve the loss of their mother––amidst which their father, Gustav, returns from a long absence. A “once-celebrated filmmaker,” he presents the script for his planned comeback to Nora, who “categorically refuses the role,” eventually turning to a Hollywood actress, and with shooting underway in Norway, he “seizes the opportunity to repair his bond with Nora and her sister.” Schrameck also drew a direct connection to Worst Person, while noting it’s “more ambitious and mature”––guess last time around needed a tune-up!

Catch up with our interviews with both Trier and Reinsve here.

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