Italian actress Caterina Murino, who charmed Daniel Craig as James Bond back in 2006 in Casino Royale, has just landed the role to play a former Colombian presidential candidate. According to THR, Murino will play Ingrid Betancourt in the English language film In Search of Ingrid.

The film is based on two books by Betancourt’s former husband Juan Carlos Lecompete, which details “what happened when Betancourt, a senator in Colombia and at the time a candidate for president, was taken hostage by terrorists and held in a South American jungle from 2002 to 2008 before being rescued by Colombian security forces.” Lecompete will be played by popular Mexican actor and photographer Valentino Lanus. Lanus will also be producing the project, along with Peter Rawley and Robert Katz.

Betty Kaplan is set to direct, as well as write the screenplay. Kaplan has done several adaptation work in the past — her films Of Love and Shadows, Doña Bárbara, One Hot Summer, Almost a Woman are all based on different novels.

Besides playing the temptress Solange, the former model has had much success over seas in Europe. Her recent credits the french film The Prey, as well as two miniseries titled The Aurelio Zen Mysteries and XIII. She will be seen next in the thriller Summer Night, Winter Moon out later this year, and an adaptation of the epic Homer poem L’Odyssée.

In Search of Ingrid is expected to shoot this year in Colombia or Puerto Rico and expected to hit theaters later this year.

Do you think Murino is a good fit to play Betancourt?

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