While Cannes Film Festival is most synonymous with towering, established auteurs of international premiering their latest work, if one digs a bit deeper into the sidebars they will find some of the most exciting debuts of the year. One such example this year is Molly Manning Walker’s Un Certain Regard prize winner How to Have Sex, which follows a group of British teenage girls who head on vacation that soon turns into a bitter reckoning of sexuality and consent. While MUBI have yet to set a release date for US, Canada, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Latin America & other countries, the film will land in UK, Ireland, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil this November, and now the first trailer has arrived.

Savina Petkova said in her Cannes review, “More than anything, How to Have Sex yields its power in the specifically cinematic way it deals with subjectivity and conveys point of view. More than just the shaky handheld camera––with its surprising low angles and shackling close-ups––the depiction of a constant flow of contradictory feelings has such direct effects on the viewer precisely because Tara cannot articulate them herself. This whirlpool of desire and shame is well-captured by cinematographer Nicolas Canniccioni, but surely not without the input of Manning Walker, an accomplished DP herself. Even if this is a debut-directing feature, her command of the scene is praiseworthy.”

See the trailer below.

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