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European Film Awards have announced their 2014 nominations, including Ida, Force Majeure, Leviathan, Winter Sleep, Nymphomaniac: Director’s Cut, and more.

Watch Hayao Miyazaki accept an Honorary Award at the 2014 Governors Awards and discuss the end of an animation era:

Christopher Nolan lists his top 10 Criterion films, including films from Terrence Malick, Orson Welles, Nagisa Oshima, and more.

Speaking of Nolan, he discusses proposed plot holes, his Howard Hughes project, and more at The Daily Beast:

There have been a bunch of knee-jerk tweets by people who’ve only seen the film once, but to really take on the science of the film, you’re going to need to sit down with the film for a bit and probably also read Kip’s book. I know where we cheated in the way you have to cheat in movies, and I’ve made Kip aware of those things.

Lastly on the Interstellar front, /Film‘s Peter Sciretta highlights the differences between Nolan’s script and Steven Spielberg’s original iteration:

The reason Christopher Nolan shares the screenwriting credit on the final film with Jonathan Nolan is because he reworked the original script with substantial changes. This left me wondering about the evolution of the project, and how different Steven Spielberg’s version of the film might have looked. Of course, we’ll never see Spielberg’s version but Jonathan Nolan’s 2008 draft of the screenplay has been floating around the tracking boards for some time. Investigating that draft gives us an opportunity to see how the story changed from when Jonathan Nolan was working on it under Spielberg to Christopher Nolan’s final film.

Watch Joseph Kahn‘s Last Year at Marienbad remake, starring Taylor Swift:

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