After breaking out with the excellent coming-of-age tale Fish Tank, Andrea Arnold headed back in time to a literary classic for her next feature. Wuthering Heights features mostly unknowns among its cast of Kaya Scodelario, James Howson, Solomon Glave, Shannon Beer, Steve Evets, Oliver Milburn and with Oscilloscope picking it up for a fall release, we’ve got the first trailer today.

We just included it as one of the best fall films we’ve already seen and this trailer confirms the gorgeous world Arnold has captured. Shot in full frame, back at TIFF we said she “paints this world with a deft touch, crafting tightly focused close-ups to convey emotion rather than words. Establishing shots only open wide a handful of times, instead opting for a beetle crawling through the grass or a spiderweb oscillating in the cold wind. These little touches build the world more than any sort of exposition could dream to do.” Check out the beautiful look below thanks to Vulture.

Wuthering Heights arrives on October 5th.

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