While it doesn’t break out entirely new ground, Alli Haapasalo’s Sundance winner and Berlinale selection Girl Picture is an energetic, deeply felt coming-of-age film that takes a unique structure. Set across three separate Fridays in Finland, it follows the adventures of three young women dealing with first love, heartbreak, and reckoning with their next steps in life. Ahead of an August 12 release from Strand Releasing, the new trailer has now arrived.

Brianna Zigler said in her review, “Haapasalo’s film is a free-wheeling portrayal of (cis) feminine adolescence in its various complicated, unflattering incarnations: familial pains, burgeoning sexualities, finding balance between work and pleasure, all the while trying to figure out who the fuck you even are. As a girl I intimately know the score and often found Girl Picture warmly reflecting my own experiences. Watching a scene wherein Mimmi and Rönkkö glide around Mimmi’s bedroom to the beat of a pop song while preparing themselves for a high school party recalled my best friend and I fussing over our faces and outfits in the mirror of my childhood bedroom, probably to go to the mall or the house show of a shitty local band. But Mimmi and Rönkkö, two little oddball outsiders, have only been invited to this party as something of a jest.”

See the trailer below.

Girl Picture opens on August 12.

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