After a successful round of funding through Kickstarter, we’re pleased to announce the first The Film Stage-produced short has been completed and will premiere on the festival circuit next month. Set for a debut at the 2015 Buffalo International Film Festival, Strange Bird takes one deep in the mind of a detective hellbent upon understanding the man who murdered his sister.

We’re pleased to share the first trailer, which gives one a glimpse at the modern noir film, directed by Dan Mecca and Tim Ringwood. If you’re in the area for the premiere, we’d also love to get your thoughts and have a chat, so let us know if you’re attending in the comments. 

Strange Bird premieres during BIFF 2015 on Saturday October 17th at the North Park Theater at 10:00PM, preceded by a screening of Slamdance winner They Look Like PeopleGet tickets here and check out the tailer below.

When terrible, heinous crimes are committed the first thing most of us ask is, “For what reason did this happen?” In thinking about this, it becomes clear that the most frightening answer is: there was no reason at all. To kill without any motive or intent is something sociopathic, something almost alien. Something very strange indeed.

When we meet our hero Detective Henry Harker, he’s at the tail end of a decade-long journey to find Simon, the man who killed his younger sister. As he finally encounters Simon, he’ll try to better figure out the man behind the murder.

The two men share a long, sordid history, beginning from childhood and culminating here, at a lake house in the middle of nowhere.

This story serves as the first act of a much longer tale, one that explores the nature of evil and the temptation within all of us to turn to that dark part of ourselves. In Henry Harker we see a complicated hero who’s narrative has only just begun.


Strange Bird premieres during BIFF 2015 on Saturday October 17th at the North Park Theater at 10:00PM. Get tickets here.

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