don't blink – robert frank

After a fall-festival run that earned one fine notice after another, Don’t Blink – Robert Frank will hit theaters this summer courtesy of Grasshopper Film. Laura Israel‘s documentary on the photographer — one of the few living artists who truly earns the word “legendary,” if only for his time with Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and The Rolling Stones, to name but a few collaborators — was praised for its level of access and insight, though those qualities (key for any documentary) are said to be boosted by the director’s unique eye.

A trailer released ahead of Don’t Blink‘s theatrical release gives some taste of this direction, offering a wider variety of forms — from current interviews to archival materials, even down to the type of film stock being employed — than most documentaries do in an entire runtime.

Watch the preview below:


A feature length documentary about the life and work of the acclaimed photographer and filmmaker.


Don’t Blink – Robert Frank will enter a limited release on July 13.

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