Remember that “documentary” Casey Affleck was making about his brother-in-law and fellow actor Joaquin Phoenix during the star’s very public meltdown/performance? Well, it turns out the actor-turned-director has completed the film and is now shopping it around to buyers.

The film, now being labeled a mockumentary, features Phoenix’s transformation from A-List actor to aspiring rapper. The events were catapulted by the Walk The Line actor’s revelation that he intended to quit acting (he has since been rumored to be involved in an Edgar Allen Poe biopic) and the overnight deterioration of his image into a nearly homeless looking mess.

The audience of buyers that were lucky enough to view the film were sworn to secrecy but word is that the finished product is quite shocking. Will the reveal be that Phoenix was deadly serious or that it was all an elaborate performance art piece? Only time will tell but expect an announcement of acquisition in the coming weeks.

Are you curious to see this documentary? What do you make of Phoenix’s bizarre behavior?

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