The apocalypse is quite a hot commodity in Hollywood now, with summer’s upcoming World War Z and This is the End, as well as smaller dramas like Melancholia and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and even the upcoming black comedy It’s a Disaster. We can now add another one to the list with Rapturepalooza and we’ve got our first look at the film today.

Directed by Paul Middleditch and written by Chris Matheson, we follow Anna Kendrick and John Francis Daley, playing a couple who have to go against the odds during a religious apocalypse and defeat the Antichrist (Craig Robinson). Unfortunately there’s not much in the way of actual comedy here, looking more like a straight-to-DVD (or VOD) title with its cheap production design. Check it out below for the film also starring Rob Corddry, Ken Jeong, Ana Gasteyer, Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer and Jesse Camacho.

In between blood rainstorms and talking locusts and other fun post-religious apocalyptic events main characters Ben and Lindsey are trying to run a sandwich shop. Things get even more interesting when the Anti-Christ chooses Lindsay to be his new bride.

Rapturepalooza will be released this year by Lionsgate.

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