With just a few weeks to go until the year’s best sci-fi film arrives in theaters, we now have the final trailer for Denis Villeneuve‘s Arrival. If you avoided the previous trailer due to being a little too spoilery, this one is more fast-paced and doesn’t reveal as many beats when it comes to the story of Amy Adams‘ character making contact with an alien race.

We said in our review, “In Arrival, prolific Québécois director Denis Villeneuve ponders the ramifications and possibilities of a potential first-contact between human beings and an advanced alien race and comes up with a sporadically incoherent film, but also some interesting ideas. This is, perhaps, largely thanks to the Ted Chiang novella, Story of Your Life, upon which the film is based. Adapted by screenwriter Eric Heisserer, Arrival can never quite seem to navigate the novella’s trickiest knots and U-turns. However, Villeneuve does manage (in his characteristically stylish manner) to get to the story’s core idea: that our understanding of the world is both the reason for and result of the language we use, and that a message of war on one side can easily be read as a message of peace on the other.”

Check out the trailer below, along with an extended conversation with Adams, the TIFF press conference, and an official poster.


Arrival arrives on November 11.

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