The Cannes crush can be so unforgiving. This year’s case in point: Misericordia has premiered to relatively little notice despite being the latest by the great Alain Guiraudie. This is no doubt owed to placing out of competition and into the festival’s “Cannes Premiere” lineup, where it debuted this week to (judging by quick Twitter searches) largely laudatory notices. Following this and, one hopes, in advance of distribution news, the first trailer has arrived.

Here’s the synopsis: “Jérémie returns to Saint-Martial for the funeral of his former boss, the village baker. He decides to stay for a few days with Martine, the man’s widow. A mysterious disappearance, a threatening neighbor and a priest with strange intentions make Jérémie’s short stay in the village take an unexpected turn…”

Find preview and poster below:

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